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GAL PAL – Miss Swifty’s alter Ego Natalie

With our gal pal Taylor Swift guest appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show we can’t help but be excited to see her in her nerdiest get up yet on the ever popular segment EW! With scrunchies in full bloom, cutie pie braces and the perfectly layered pink outfit we can’t stop giggling at her dorky fist pound!! Her artwork is amazingly on trend you will want to mount it on your wall.  Jimmy AKA Sara nails this every time and we especially love the purple lurex dress!!


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COVET | Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

At POLLY we always get super excited this time of year for the release of all the amazing limited edition fragrances from our have designers! Marc Jacobs has blown our mind with his latest Daisy Dream. Taking from the original adding hints of pear, blackberry and grapefruit to the top notes opening to release sweet lychee, a burst of jasmine and wait for it, blue wisteria! And if you thought that wasn’t enough, spend the entire day wrapped up in a delicious ball of musk and coconut water! We can wait to splash her on our skin!

Check out the beautiful video Directed by none other than out gal crush
 Sofia Coppola.

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DIY – PARTY Crates!

We have serious Craft Cat in our Office, Miss Brogan our Photographer is always doing these AMAZING projects on the weekend and we just HAVE to share them with you! We have an easy step by step guide below on how to make your own party ASTRO TURF CRATES! Be the ENVY OF THY NEIGHBOUR!

Things you will need

  • Recycled Milk Crates – how many do you want for your space?
  • Buy a meter square sheet of Astro Turf from Bunnings for about $30
  • Zipties – Cheap as cheap….about a dollar for a packet also from Bunnings
  • Use Sharp scissors or a stanley knife…blunt ones make it way too challenging and we want to eliminate any frustrations ;)
  • You can find different coloured crates or try spray painting them to any gorgeous colour that you’re LOVING right now.



Place the turf over a crate.

Use the corner of the turf as a guide for the edges.

Use those sharp scissors to cut the Turf to the same size as the top of the crate.

Alternatively, you could place the turf on the ground grass side down, and put the crate on top and cut out the shape like this.




Wrap the Zip ties around the top crate edges and through the matting of the Turf about a few cm’s from the edge. Tighten to attach the turf to top of the crate. Cut any ends of the ties off after it’s attached. It’s as easy as that!!

Get your cocktail swivels ready babes and PARTY ON!


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GAL GANG Jenny Lewis

The magical Jenny Lewis shared her sweet sugary pop song “Just One Of the Guys” from her latest album to be released later this month THE VOYAGER and we LOVED it! The former front woman of Indie darlings Rilo Kiley is someone to swoon over with her dreamy vocals, sassy fashion and delicious mane of hair! Joined by some of her closest friends in her latest clip we are left wanting more. See the incredible Tennessee Thomas on drums (The Like and Alexa Chung’s BFF) Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson dressing in white suits to change into their male counter parts. It’s all fun and games on set and Jenny Directed it herself Whoa, talent much! This song is for any strong, independent single lady out there!!


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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – Splendour Checklist

With Splendour just around the corner it’s time to start organising your festival essentials and without sounding like your parents, it’s so important to be prepared! A few little tips and tricks can be a godsend when your tent neighbours are suffering with the cold and mud while you’re all cozied up with enough supplies to keep you…………….Our number one camping tip that we have found to be an absolute lifesaver is to take two tents. One for getting dressed, making yourself beautiful and holding all of your stuff. The other for sleeping only! Trust us on this, and yes you can thank us later.  Always make sure you have a meeting place sourced out so if you and your gal pals decide to separate, you can always pick a time to meet back at your selected spot – simple! Packing the essentials means that you won’t get caught out watching London Grammar in the pouring rain without your trusty gumboots and poncho or running into the boys from Rufus with mascara running down your face and dirty hair (thank you dry shampoo and waterproof mascara). And lastly, do not; I repeat DO NOT leave the house without your ticket and ID. No one wants to make an emergency trip back home to collect your ID sitting on top of your dresser. Once you’re sure you’ve got those, the road trip begins!

Happy packing POLLY babes!

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The lovely hair trend ‘chalking’ has finally hit Princess Polly! We have been waiting in anticipation to try it out ourselves, and NPW have allowed us to do so. Hair chalking is super fun, super easy and a super fab way to add colour into your life!  (Psst! And super easy to wash out!)

The POLLY gals have had a blast playing around so check out some possible do’s below…. HAVE FUN!

IMG_8186 (2)

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A to the Z – Tie-Dye T

The über creative team at NPW have brought us a delightful DIY Tie-Dye Kit! One of our fave cuties Abby decided to get her hands dirty and add a bit of that 70’s vibe to her wardrobe!  Check out the HOW TO;

You will need:

  • A light coloured garment
  • A protected working area
  • A bucket or sink
  • Plastic bag or wrap
  • Water

Kit includes:

  • Dye bottles
  • Soda ash
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber gloves

To Prepare:

To protect the space you plan to get creative in, ensure you have laid out plastic sheeting or anything of the likes which you can dispose of afterward. This will stop any dye spilling onto your work surface. To be extra careful, wear old clothing and shoes just in case! Pre-wash the garment you would like to use to ensure there are no impurities.


Step 1: Tying your garment

There are various ways to tie your garment to create the perfect tie-dye pattern! If you’re feeling adventurous, this is the perfect opportunity for you to come up with your own technique. We went with spiral, here’s how…

Lay the garment flat and take a section from the middle and twist it until you have created a spiral shape. Keep twisting until this is no longer possible and your garment is nice and compact. Secure the spiral by placing 2-3 rubber bands around it like so.

2 1345


Step 2: Soda ash solution

Pop your gloves on to prepare the soda ash solution. Using a large bucket or sink, add one 3.5oz of soda ash mixed with 2 litres of warm water. This will be enough for about 6 tees (use less if needed). Stir the solution with your hands until the soda ash has completely dissolved. Place your garment into the solution and let it sit for 30 minutes. Remove from the solution, and get rid of any excess water by squeezing as much out as you can. The garment should be damp, but not dripping wet. Dispose of leftover soda ash solution and flush with plenty of water.



Step 3: Dying (THE FUN PART!)

Using your glove-protected hands, place the garment on your protected working area. Add warm water to your dye bottles up to the line indicated on the side of the bottle. Pop your lid back on and carefully shake the water to loosen all the powder to form your dye colour. Once you’re happy with the consistency of the dye, start to squirt the dye on your garment in desired spots! This is where you can make the finest mess! Use as many colours as you like ensuring the garment is completed saturated in dye! Once you’re finished with the dye, leave the garment tied up and allow to sit for 8-24 hours (overnight is best). Pop it into a plastic bag and secure it tight so the dye does not dry up.

7 9 10 11


Step 4: Washing

Popping your gloves back on, remove the rubber bands and rinse the garment under cold water until all the dye has washed away. Wash your garment on its own, on a normal wash setting, than allow it to dry. Once your garment is dry, it is ready to wear!!


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We are swooning over the newest brand to hit the POLLY – FREE PEOPLE!

Coming to us from the USA, Free People is a celebrity favourite and adored for its vintage-inspired, bohemian clothing and accessories. The brand embraces the spirit of freedom, courage and femininity for young women. Think lying under the stars in the most amazing flowy dress!

So which celebrities are wearing FREE PEOPLE you ask? At this year’s Coachella Selena Gomez rocked the Shark Bite denim cutoffs. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are fans too – frequently spotted in their lacy Galloon Halter Bras. Kate Bosworth, Kelly Rowland, Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift have also been snapped rocking FREE PEOPLE!

Speaking of festivals … Splendour is right around the corner (15 days to be exact). FREE PEOPLE landed just in time to get your outfit ready for three days!

FreePeopleNotebook EDITED creative-(176) creative-(153)

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Teneriffe Festival

Once a year the beautiful Teneriffe of Brisbane turns into an ultra fun urban hub for all things food, wine and good times. With amazing live music from many local talented artists, all your favourite foodies out and about dishing up their goods from cute trucks. Don’t forget the unstoppable fashion shows going all day long at the Verve Clicquot precinct along with the most delish cocktails from the babes at A & C Tiki Bar (sneaky lunch time treat).  We were lucky enough to have a fun pop-up selling POLLY the label. We had a great time hanging with our fave shoppers and meeting a few newbies! Honestly what more could a gal hope for? Well there was also a cutie pie petting zoo and we just had to jump on in!!

photo1. photo2.photo3. photo4.photo5