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Girl Gang | Lorde lording

Well the wait is over, Nov 21 is here, JLaw is on our minds! We need some serious arena action with our fave contestants Katniss and Peeta! What’s even more exciting is the radical song for Mockingjay Part 1 from Lorde. Yellow Flicker Beat is sexy, moody and dark, in the best way possible! Check out that amaze red pant suit action, this lady never disappoints.

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DIY | The Art of Wall hanging

Hanging that favourite print on the wall sounds like an easy task, all those Pinterest pics of “so hot right now” apartment walls seems so simple! Here we are with our little A4 print hanging all alone near a plant too far away,  left felling a little underwhelmed with the end result. Don’t worry baby, we got you covered!


Once you have your artwork all framed lay them out on the floor how you think you would like them to work together on your wall. Make sure you pic the best frames that match each print perfectly. You don’t need to have them all matching to have a hot wall.

play around with different placements on floor


Take some scrap paper and trace around the edge of each frame, from here you want to cut out each frame size.


Using adhesive such a Glu Tac, start placing  your most centered frame on the wall. Once you are happy, start placing the other frame sizes around your main artwork. Keep checking that you like the spacing.

trace frames onto paper and then trial placement on wall


Now is the time to get your hooks on! Depending what kind of hook you are using (nail or removable) you can measure the appropriate distance using your patterns on the wall for the best results.


Hang those bad boys! Take a step back and admire that killer wall you have going on!

DIY | Wall Hang step back DIY | Wall hang Fin


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Why you love It

We love Bali because it is not only a beautiful holiday destination, but it also has amazing shopping, food and spectacular sites to see! Bali is great for relaxing at a number of great beach clubs, but it’s also fun to be walking around the streets in the hustle and bustle. Bali is constantly being developed; every time we visit there are new shops and restaurants. So each time you go you will most definitely experience something new.

twins2 twins4 twins3

What type of holiday you can have

You can visit Bali and experience a different side to Bali every time. You can have a family holiday, relaxation and yoga holidays, a romantic holiday, or even just a girl’s trip away! The type of holiday you want to have is really up to you, and you can make each trip unique and different from the last!

Where to stay

We would recommend staying in Seminyak. Seminyak is probably the best all round place to stay as it is close to everything. Seminyak has the best shopping and delicious food; it also has the best nightlife! There are plenty of villas in Seminyak that would be appropriate to stay at, it really just depends on your price range. If you want a quieter escape we would recommend staying at Bingin, this is where the amazing beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters are. Bingin is the perfect place to relax with massages on the beach and beachfront accommodation. We would recommend staying at The MU Hotel, it is a cliff top hotel overlooking the beautiful beach.


Must see/do activities sites

There are a number of sites and activities to see in Bali, which is why you have to keep going back. A fantastic day trip is the Atung Adventure Park, this is where the white water rafting, elephant riding and Pod Chocolate factory are located. The white water rafting is an amazing experience and is truly breathtaking, not only is the rafting fun but the river runs through a gorge filled with traditional carvings of Romeo and Juliet. Elephant riding speaks for itself, it is very fun and the elephants are very playful… (Be warned they spray you with water). The Pod chocolate factory is a truly unique experience. You can choose to take the tour and learn how the chocolate is made, not only can you eat the delicious chocolate they have on offer but you can also make your own chocolate! (Must try the chocolate shots) Be sure to visit the cute Honey Bear whilst your there as well.

twins12 drinks2 twins9

Another must see while your in Bali, is Jimbaran Bay. This is a fantastic spot to have a seafood dinner on the beach and watch the sunset. Not only is the food exceptional but also you get to choose the fish and crabs you want to eat!

food1 Fins Beach club drinks3

If you’re looking for a day trip escape, Finns Beach Club is the place to go. Finns Beach club is hidden away at the bottom of a sheer cliff face, only accessible by an inclinator that will carry you down safely. The private white sandy beach with turquoise water from the Indian Ocean is the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. Laze the day away with the cool tunes and excellent service. There is also Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boarding and snorkeling available.

twins6 twins8NOOKNOOK1

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Benah for Karen Walker

We have been frothing so hard at the arrival of the new Benah X Karen Walker collection – The League! If you have no idea what we are talking about then you are about to start a new obsession. This time round Benah X KW have done our fave shapes in two tones, a lovely update from the previous range. So treat those eyes of your and let your hearty swell with love…

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Travel Diary of a Polly!

Polly’s very own photographer Brogan has returned from her road-trippin’ adventures across the USA! She shares her highlights and insights with you after the jump…

1. intro

Los Angeles - What’s a trip to LA without hitting up an In-N-Out Burger // VENICE2. LA

San Francisco - Best way to really see the Golden Gate bridge is by beach cruiser // Stunning streetscape of the ‘Painted Ladies’3. San Fran

Californian Desert - Driving through California along the Hwy 190 – Death Valley Bound // Zabriskie Point sunrise4. death valley

Las Vegas - Neon Graveyard in old Vegas // Standing on top of the world at the Grand Canyon!!5. vegas

New York - Hanging out with Lady Liberty on her Island // NYC Loft living6. newyork

Top of the Rock! // Hotcakes in Brooklyn at Heath Ledgers Restaurant!7. newyork

Mexico - Soaking up the miracle minerals in the underground veins of Mexico // When in Mexico!8. mexico!

The Ancient ruins of Chichen Itza // Coco-coconut cocktail. Yum!9. mexico